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Master Thesis: Application of Dynamic Content in Location-based Services


Application of Dynamic Content in Location-based Services


Over four and a half billion people are now active internet users. Users are sharing personal pictures, discovering new music artists, “checking-in” to places and even ordering food online. In the process, personal user data is being generated and processed on the internet at an unprecedented rate. Behind the scenes, this data is being utilized for a multitude of other purposes; categorizing users, predicting their political leanings, showing highly targeted ads, etc. With the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal where Facebook profile data of about 87 million users was leaked and manipulated, the issue of data privacy is now at the forefront. Shortly after the scandal broke, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. GDPR mandates that data processors must obtain specific, unambiguous and informed consent from individuals before any personal data is processed. As a result, the commonly used one-time broad consent is now an invalid form of consent. In this master thesis, we present a novel method to obtain informed consent from users. Combining the idea of “dynamic consent from biomedical research with GDPR guidelines, we design and develop two location-based Android apps: Finder and WiFinder. In a usability study with 12 users, our approach to obtaining consent shows encouraging results. Users are able to make informed choices about how their personal data is used and appreciate being in control of their data. The results further show that our design builds trust and the more users trust an app, the more data they are willing to disclose.

Supervisor: Philip Raschke

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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