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Master Thesis: Automatic Universal In-Browser Payments: An alternative model to Web Advertising


Automatic Universal In-Browser Payments: An alternative model to Web Advertising


The business of online advertising has evolved in a way that is not transparent anymore. A handful of large advertisement firms are controlling practically every online ad you see and collecting data about your browsing behavior. In the meantime, several other revenue models for online content are implemented, such as paywalls and asking for donations. However, these structures are affecting the browsing experience and are way more expensive than the revenue that comes from online advertising. In this thesis, a concept that features an automatic universal in-browser payments system is presented. This system sends small payments to the publishers of the websites that are visited in the browser. The value of the payments is comparable to the revenue that online advertising would generate. In order to proof this concept, this thesis also features an implementation of a working prototype. The prototype makes use of the Lightning Network, which is an extra layer on the Bitcoin blockchain so that micropayments can be facilitated. Lastly, this thesis discusses the societal impact of such a system and reviews what a web browsing experience without advertising could bring.

Supervisor: Philip Raschke

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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