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Master Thesis: Realization of a Distributed Process Engine as a Web Application


Realization of a Distributed Process Engine as a Web Application


The goal of the work was to conceptualize and develop a Distributed Process Engine that runs inside a web browser. As part of the PROCEED project the PROCEED process engine was given which was already implemented for other environments like Node.js. The main task was to find out how it had to be extended and adjusted to run in a web environment.

Part of the thesis required to identify, evaluate and implement native functionalities which are typically not present in the web world, for example to access the file system. A special focus was on the implementation of the network layer because the process engine requires to open a server and needs to discover other engines in the local network. Since this is not inherently possible in the browser the thesis had to assess multiple modern browser technologies to work around this restriction.

Supervisor: Kai Grunert

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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