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Bachelor Thesis: Stateful Microservices Portability in edge-cloud Infrastructures using Messge Brokers


Stateful Microservices Portability in edge-cloud Infrastructures using Messge Brokers


There are several live migration methods that increase the portability of applications by moving them between different hosts during runtime. However, none of the existing methods focus on the microservices architecture, which has gained in popularity over the recent years. Asynchronous messaging via a message broker is often used for the communication within microservices-based applications, because it provides a high level of decoupling between the services. This thesis investigates the possibility of optimizing the live migration process for microservices by reusing the message broker. Previous migration methods require the transfer of many memory pages or additionally created log files for the synchronization of the new instance. But if a microservice is migrated, that only exchanges messages through the message broker, it is possible to cache the messages within the message broker and replay them on the new instance later. This avoids the additional preparation and transfer of synchronization data. A prototype for this approach has been implemented with the AMQP 0-9-1 messaging protocol where a service, deployed in a Docker container, is live migrated using Checkpoint/Restore in Userspace (CRIU). As a result, the downtime compared to the stop-copy method has been significantly reduced by ~89.3%. This thesis demonstrates that it is possible to use a message broker to support the live migration of microservices and that the downtime can be further reduced in future works.

Supervisor: Felix Beierle, Hai Dinh Tuan

Type:  Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months

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