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Master Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Decentralized Autonomous Marketplace for Decentralized Applications


Design and Implementation of a Decentralized Autonomous Marketplace for Decentralized Applications


The most common challenges of centralized application marketplaces are high transaction fees and the reliance of an intermediary to establish trust. Blockchain technology represents a promising solution as it removes the need for such a trusted intermediary. In this work, the design and implementation of a decentralized application marketplace is presented. Following the design science research methodology, in the first step challenges have been identified by a literature review. From these identified challenges, non-functional requirements have been derived to guide the design decisions of the prototype. The concept of self-sovereign identity and smart contracts have been hereby explored further in respect to their suitability for the artifact. For the implementation of the prototype, best practices in software development and existing patterns for blockchain-based applications have been reviewed. In the context of a use case scenario, the prototype was then analytically evaluated in comparison to other existing solutions to identify it’s strengths and weaknesses. The results of the evaluation show that the implemented prototype can cover most of the core features of an application marketplace in an effective manner. As such, the prototype allows for self-sovereign identity management, decentralized reputation, decentralized data storage, decentralized access control and license aquisition through smart contracts. With the ongoing wide-spread adoption of self-sovereign identity systems and improvements of the blockchain technology, the practicability will be increased.

Supervisor: Sebastian Göndör

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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