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Master Thesis: Dynamic consent management in decentralized authorization protocols


Dynamic consent management in decentralized authorization protocols


Web is on the rise. More and more individuals are joining the network through websites, services and online tools, which means more and more personal data is being collected, submitted and persisted everywhere. This coincided with the evolution of new technologies like machine and learning neural networks etc... Organizations rapidly became more interested in this data, which would help them make business critical decisions, as technologies are allowing visibility, analysis and control at the largest scales unprecedented before. Many of those companies and organizations offer OAuth/OpenId connection to access their API, A user is able to share access to their private resources on a site to another site allowing them to login easily without credentials (Authentication), and use their data across different platforms at ease. But comes with great risks and more often than not, users tend to grant access without understanding the true extent of the privilege they are granting and what are the risks. In this master thesis we will try to address those issues with a new approach on OAuth specification and building a dynamic way of granting access in a way that is more transparent and makes the user more aware of the risks.


Supervisor: Philip Raschke

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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