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Master Thesis: Smart Contract Programming Languages - a Taxonomy


Smart Contract Programming Languages - a Taxonomy


Blockchain is a promising technological solution that has evolved much more than a supporting technology for cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain solutions are finding their way into multiple domains that include finance and industrial applications. This paradigm shift was made possible by Ethereum, that not only supports the transfer of funds but also allows the execution of code in the same decentralized environment, known as Smart Contracts. The concept of Smart Contract has led to the evolution and implementation of multiple blockchain solutions and programming languages at a fast pace. It has been challenging to stay up to date with all those new programming languages and find solutions for interoperability. The race to become a globally accepted and future proof blockchain solution has provided us with the means to explore several blockchain implementations and dozens of new programming languages.

With the rapidly increasing count of Smart Contract programming languages, it is important to study the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions. This thesis discusses the features of Smart Contract programming languages, their classification and implementation to fill this gap. A subset of Smart Contract programming languages was selected and classified based on programming language features. Moreover, a basic idea of crowdfunding was implemented in all the selected programming languages to understand the design decisions better. In addition to feature based classification, this research also explores existing and possible solutions for interoperability of Smart Contract code across heterogeneous blockchains. This classification and implementation enable us to understand the language design decisions better, avoid common anti-patterns and make informed decisions for the problem at hand.

Supervisor: Martin Westerkamp

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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