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Service-centric NetworkingZoabi, M. (2019). Real-time Detection of Urban Situations using Social Sensors. Master Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin


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Master Thesis: Real-time Detection of Urban Situations using Social Sensors


Real-time Detection of Urban Situations using Social Sensors


The increase of social media using and user-generated content especially microblogs has opened new opportunities for detecting, disseminating information quickly and another source for news. The Twitter stream is one favorite source of information. This microblogs can be posted in Real-Time and location-based. Aiming at overcoming some of the challenges, extract the data in Real-Time and filtering the location. In this thesis, it will use the raw data from social media. The problem is how to use the raw data from the Social Media Platforms? In the previous researches have been done in data. This research tries to find a solution in Real-Time and location-based. Many research is using the data to predict the topics but not in Real-Time. This thesis will also try to extract, predict the talked topics, analyzing the sentiment of an area. The evaluation will be considered in Real-Time. This will prevent to evaluate the system.

Supervisor: Dr. Sandro Rodriguez Garzon, Bianca Lüders

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months



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