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Master Thesis: Increasing Trust and Transparency in Doping Control Processes using Distributed Ledger Technologies


Increasing Trust and Transparency in Doping Control Processes using Distributed Ledger Technologies


It is almost usual to hear about anti-doping rules violation scandals in the world of sports. Sometimes this problem does not only involve athletes but also higher rank entities within or even outside the global anti-doping system, and it has come to the point where disappointment and distrust from the different stakeholders, including the spectators, has weakened the institution of sports. The evolution of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in the last decade has proven its potential to provide transparency and trust relying solely on an automated system. The emerging of different solutions and implementations of this technology alongside its diversified applications in several fields such as health, crypto-currencies, finances, IoT, etc..., supports the before mentioned statement. Nevertheless, the utilization of DLT and its benefits to approach the management of doping control processes has not been yet thoroughly investigated.

In this work this field of application of DLT is researched and ultimately a novel system for supporting the coordination and management of anti-doping tests, based on DLT and following a supply chain like model, is proposed. To support the presented research a proof- of-concept prototype using a blockchain platform, namely Hyperledger Fabric, was implemented and evaluated. The results imply that the presented solution indeed enhances the overall trust in the doping control process and additionally provides a mechanism to guaran- tee transparency to all the stakeholders involved in the process.

Supervisor: Sebastian Zickau

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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