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Service-centric NetworkingDanker, J. (2019). Analysis of LTE cell outages simulated with ns3. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin


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Bachelor Thesis: Analysis of LTE cell outages simulated with ns3


Analysis of LTE cell outages simulated with ns3


In this thesis I will build an LTE network using the simulation software ns3 and show different indicators and measurements that can be used to elaborate the signal quality for the users. I will simulate a cell outage and analyze frequency reuse algorithms that have the purpose of reducing the interference between cells and improving the signal quality for the users. After introducing some selected algorithms I will compare their influence on the signals during an outage. For this purpose I will observe user equipment located in different sections of the cell and fetch the data of their feedback messages to analyze it.

The key challenges of this thesis are
• the familiarization with the simulation software and the comprehension of its models
• identify possible ways on how to simulate a cell outage
• getting used to the functionalities of the frequency reuse algorithms and understanding their differences in order to elaborate a meaningful evaluation
• implement an LTE network and fetch the relevant data

The thesis is structured as follows. At first I will explain the structure of an LTE network, describe its most important components and introduce important measurements that are generally used to evaluate the quality and connectivity. Secondly, I will step into the simulation software ns3, giving an overview of its capabilities and describing the components that I used to perform the simulation. Afterwards, I will get into the details on the actual implementation.

Finally, after giving an assumption of how I expect the results to be I will show the yielded data, analyze it and draw a conclusion.

Supervisor: Tanja Hagemann

Type:  Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months



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