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Master Thesis: Microservices Architecture for Industrial Sensor Data Analysis


Microservices Architecture for Industrial Sensor Data Analysis


In the context of the research project IC4F – Industrial Communication for Factories, an edge computing related architecture will be developed. This architecture should handle incoming sensor data streams by utilizing the concepts of containerized microservices. The goal is to have an infrastructure that will guarantee a specified latency for handling the incoming stream, performing calculations on them, and delivering an output of the calculation.

As part of this thesis, you will research and document existing approaches in the fields of microservices and containerization. Furthermore, you will implement a prototype that will handle a provided location data stream, process it, and output the results to the next module in the architecture.

Image the general process like this: There is a factory with multiple cellular base stations or edge computing entities. Some robot is moving inside a factory hall and is about to leave the area of one base station and will enter the area of the next one. In this case, some data should be send from one base station to the next. There is a constant location data stream available for the robot. One or more microservices should analyze this incoming data stream and give a recommendation to transfer the data to the other base station. In order for the whole system to work, the architecture should guarantee a specified latency. The general idea is that this framework should work with any type of incoming sensor data and that there can be a multitude of different microservices available to a developer or administrator to choose from. 

The goal of this thesis is to research existing technologies related with microservices and containerization and to develop a prototypical software that handles location data streams and applies different microservices to them. This includes the following tasks:

-        Provide an overview on the state of the art of microservice technologies.

-        Provide an overview on the state of the art of containerization technologies.

-        Design and develop an application that handles the provided location data streams and evaluate the system with respect to the guarantee of a specified latency.

Supervisors: Felix Beierle, Bernd Louis, Sandro Rodriguez Garzon

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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