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Bachelor Thesis: Building a Graphical Interface for the creation of Hypermedia-Driven REST APIs


Building a Graphical Interface for the creation of Hypermedia-Driven REST APIs


REST APIs have become very popular in recent years. The increasing complexity of front end Web applications, the rise of the mobile internet, the trend towards microservice architectures, and a booming information economy that has turned third-party Web services into a lucrative business model, have created a demand for a lightweight solution to communicate via Web Services. However, one of the main REST constraints is rigorously violated when being applied in implementations: the HATEOAS constraint (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State), that drives the application state. Its absence causes a tight coupling between client and server because the client cannot dynamically discover the application by following links to related resources. Instead, clients are often hard-coded to a single API, which causes them to break when the API evolves, and makes it time-consuming to maintain them. This thesis proposes a Web application that helps API designers making their REST APIs more hypermedia-driven. It is an interactive tool that offers a visual representation of the business logic in a Web API – the resources and the relationships between them – in the form of a graph. With this application, the user can construct the graph according to their needs, add semantic information to resources and links and finally download a JSON-LD document that semantically describes the API.

Supervisor: Kai Grunert

Type:  Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months

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