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Bachelor Thesis: Creation of a lightweight Microservice for Semantic Capability Offering


Creation of a lightweight Microservice for Semantic Capability Offering


Semantic service discovery is often an important aspect of distributed applications. For services to be easily discovered, it requires them to make a semantically annotated, machine-readable and machine-understandable definition of their functionality available. This thesis explores and compares different possibilities of describing a device and its capabilities using semantic web technologies. A lightweight microservice has been built, offering a hypermedia-driven REST API that can be used to create, update and retrieve the semantic description. The information about the device is represented using the RDF (Resource Description Framework) triple structure. Ontologies provide formal semantic definitions of things in the form of classes & properties. Managing a custom ontology that may also be used to describe general information or capabilities is an additional feature of the API.  A device running the microservice can host a description of itself making it accessible from the outside. Other participants in the network are able to retrieve it or query the availability of specific capabilities.

Supervisor: Kai Grunert

Type:  Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months

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