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Master Thesis: Process Mining in Distributed Ledgers


Process Mining in Distributed Ledgers


The idea of Process Mining in Distributed Ledgers is to extract an abstract process model representation of the business processes being executed in a Distributed Ledger from log entries. This is needed to understand better how a certain ledger is de facto used. We present a heuristic Process Mining algorithm on event logs extracted from the Ethereum Blockchain, while the concepts can be universally used for many different Distributed Ledger technologies. Analysis of the abstract process model on a high level has shown us the rising popularity of Ethereum over time. Also we could discover change in its predominant usage, going from a network mostly used for direct transactions of a cryptocurrency to a phase of experiments in its early ages. The transition to a more mature network regarding the usage of a decentralized computing network with autonomous contracts interacting with each other, could be seen too. Assets being transferred in the form of tokens from one participant of the untrusted network to an- other, is another usage this work found. We could detect deviations from the process over time due to attacks and explain processes of the network, which could not be understood before. The application of Process Mining on data from the Ethereum Blockchain helped us to extract a timeline of the evolution of the Distributed Ledger from the start of the project in August 2015 until July 2018.

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Ruppel

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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