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Service-centric NetworkingWalther. S. (2017). An Air Quality Monitoring and Alert Service for Mobile Devices. Master Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin


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Master Thesis: An Air Quality Monitoring and Alert Service for Mobile Devices

Title:  An Air Quality Monitoring and Alert Service for Mobile Devices


In this thesis, an innovative proactive air pollution monitoring and alert service for mobile devices is proposed. The service addresses critical problems of current monitoring solutions in the literature, especially the lack of service-orientation and user-centricity. Based on particulate matter data (PM2.5) from a highly-dense sensor network in Rangiora, New Zealand, the monitoring service dynamically creates geofences for different PM2.5 thresholds in real-time together with a flexible, decoupled microservice infrastructure. Users interested in their surrounding air pollution exposure can use an Android app to visually monitor the current geofences for a freely chooseable PM2.5 threshold in real-time. Moreover, the app continuously tracks the smartphone’s location and proactively notifies the user if he or she enters a geofence associated with the chosen threshold. A detailed model selection and evaluation part of this thesis determines suitable interpolation methods, parameter selection and configuration for the polygonization engine, as well as energy-efficient settings for the Android app. Overall, the developed monitoring service offers the strengths of both, modern location-based services and air pollution monitoring services. Thereby, this thesis demonstrates how proactive air pollution monitoring can increase its user-specific service value and make advantage of new opportunities in community involvement.

Supervisor: Sandro Rodriguez-Garzon

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 4 months



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