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Service-centric NetworkingSharhan, S. (2017). Design and Implementation of SONIC Compliant Online Social Network Platform for Home Servers. Master Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin


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Master Thesis: Design and Implementation of SONIC Compliant Online Social Network Platform for Home Servers

Title:  Design and Implementation of SONIC Compliant Online Social Network Platform for Home Servers


Recently, the importance of online social networks (OSN) has grown rapidly. OSNs have become more and more popular in different facilities, such as business, social life, entertainment, sports and even politics. Furthermore, the noticeable increased use and dependency on OSNs has raised the number of the existing OSN platforms, nevertheless, most of them are centralized and a seamless communication with users in other platforms is impossible. Therefore, users need to have more than one account in different OSNs to benefit from the unique features offered by each platform and to stay connected to other users. Another disadvantage of existing OSN platforms are security and privacy issues. Users’ personal data is mostly used for targeted advertisement or offered for sale to third parties. This leads to a major problem in preserving the users’ privacy. Thus, decentralized OSN platforms were created to provide users more privacy by allowing users to host their profiles on their own servers. However, hosting and maintaining a home server is not a trivial task. This may force users to trust an unknown service provider to host their profile, leading to privacy issues. A possible solution for this problem is to allow users to host their own profile with little to no knowledge at home server and to provide them with a platform that supports seamless communication and access control. This way, users will have their data at home server and will be able to decide who can access it. The purpose of this thesis is to design and implement an OSN platform based on the Social Network InterConnect Protocol (SONIC), which allows the connectivity between different platforms. The designed platform will offer users a user-friendly interface, which supports the common features of today’s OSN platform such as an image gallery, beside an access control model. This model will allow users to fully control their personal data and content and determine who can have access to them. Moreover, users will be able to host their own profile in a server such as a mini computer or a set-top box at home. A fully automated and unattended installation approach for setting up the system is presented. The feasibility of installing such a system at home server is evaluated, while the performance of the system on the box device is measured by evaluating performance in different scenarios.

Supervisor: Sebastian Göndör

Type: Master Thesis

Duration: 4 months



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