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Service-centric NetworkingWierzchowski, R. (2016). An Access History Schema for Personal Cloud Resources. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin


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Bachelor Thesis: An Access History Schema for Personal Cloud Resources

An Access History Schema for Personal Cloud Resources


The evolution of cloud computing technologies has reshaped the whole IT sector over the past decade. The opportunities that are offered, by having an abundance of cheap computing resources available via the internet, are vast and already used by many companies. However, these opportunities are not yet used by individuals to their full potential, because many individuals have legitimate concerns about their privacy, when uploading personal information to a cloud service.

In order to help reaching this potential, this thesis examines how the control individuals have over their personal data can be ensured, when public cloud services are used to store the data and multiple parties are allowed to access it. This desired state of being in full control over one’s data is here referred to as data supremacy.

It is further argued that while through state-of-the-art encryption technologies, such as Attribute- based Encryption, basic requirements for data supremacy, such as the confidentiality or integrity
of the encrypted data, can be ensured, information on what is happening to that data, once it is uploaded to a cloud storage is missing, as granting access rights only gives information on who could potentially access that data.

To reach the goal of giving owners this missing information, first, a survey was conducted to identify the relevant information that should be collected on each access to that data by other users. Next a metadata schema was developed that allows to store this information in a machine as well as human readable form. The schema was implemented in XML, with the naming of elements following the Dublin Core standard, to ensure the extensibility of this work.

Lastly, the schema and its associated functions were implemented into an application that enables the management of files and their encryption, so that the resulting schema could be tested and evaluated in possible use cases.

The results of the evaluation showed that the requirements set in this work were fulfilled, though the development of a more sophisticated prototype that allows for more extensive testing is needed to answer further research questions.


Supervisor: Sebastian Zickau

Type:  Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months



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