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Service-centric NetworkingOchunyi, Philip Barnabas (2016). Location-based Cloud Storage using Geographic Policies. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin


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Bachelor Thesis: Location-based Cloud Storage using Geographic Policies

Location-based Cloud Storage using Geographic Policies


More people are using cloud services and the numbers keep increasing by the day. As the number increases, so are the demands of the clients. Many of them want to be given a sense of security when it comes to handling their data. This is also a major concern for cloud service providers, as they have to meet this demands so not to lose their clients. This bachelor thesis tries to find ways of making it possible for the client to be able to choose from a list of locations, the location which they would like to store their personal data. It should also be possible for the client to find out if the data centres provided, by a cloud service provider, are located in the location or region, which the client chose to store his documents. A designed web interface will enable the client to realize all this possibilities. For the client to have full access control certain solutions and existing control standard will be used and an outline and implementation will be given. The main focus will be on GeoXaCML, which is an extension of XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language), which allows the support for the declaration and enforcement of (not only) geo-specific access rights. For different test scenarios, different policies will be generated. To add to that, different evaluation methods will used to evaluate the location of the data centres, alongside GeoXaCML, to determine the data centres location.

Supervisor: Sebastian Zickau

Type:  Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months



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