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Master Thesis: A Location Analytics Framework based on Semantically Enriched Mobile Network Data

A Location Analytics Framework based on Semantically Enriched Mobile Network Data

The OpenMobileNetwork is a platform utilizing a crowdsourcing approach to estimate mobile network and WiFi access point topologies. Thousands of measurements have been conducted by smartphone users using the OpenMobileNetwork for Android app. Each measurement comprises an exact GPS location, a list of received WiFi access points as well as the respective signal strength, the current Cell-ID of the mobile network the smartphone is connected to and information about running services and the traffic generated by those services.

The objective of this thesis is to design and implement a Location Analytics Framework providing insight on what is going on inside a mobile network cell. This insight is based on diverse data: Context information of users, their movements as well as stationary phases and external data, such as public events or weather information. The fusion of this data yields scope to identify correlations and trends as they are coming up. Consequently, an android opt-in solution needs to be developed that allows the data acquisition of context as well as movement data. Ideally, this application can be embedded as background service into existing applications.

Based on a thorough state of the art analysis, different methodologies for location analytics need to be compared and assessed with regard to applicability and feasibility. Following this assessment, a proof of concept implementation is to be developed that showcases the potential of such a system and offers typical analytical functionalities through a well-formed API.


  • Extend the OpenMobileNetwork for Android app by new (data acquisition) functionalities needed for the Location Analytics Framework
  • Analyze the current state of art and derivation of feasible and applicable practices for location analytics
  • Implement a Location Analytics Framework including an API for the OpenMobileNetwork


  • Interest in Analytics and Linked Data
  • Proficiency in Java and Android programming

Supervisor: , Abdulbaki Uzun, Bersant Deva

Type: Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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