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Master Thesis: Proximity-based Services using Wireless Radio Frequency Technologies

Proximity-based Services using Wireless Radio Frequency Technologies


The progress in positioning technologies and the dispersion of mobile devices with data com- munication capabilities promote the idea of providing proximity-based services with wireless radio frequency technologies. Proximity-based services deliver information and trigger actions, based on the location of a user or device, e.g., notify a user when related persons like friends come into close proximity. Recently, such applications are becoming more and more popular in different facilities, such as shops, museums and hospitals. Nevertheless, in most systems the service adaption is based solely on the location of a single user making the request. The presence or absence of other users is not considered. Furthermore, there is a need for a system which can support the flexible extension of different cases without changing the whole program logic.

In contrast to the current approaches, where the presence or absence of other users in envi- ronments is irrelevant, the thesis’ solution is based on the user’s location related to other users in the system. Furthermore, the role of users is taken into consideration. Thereby, multiple user scenarios for different domains can be realized where several events could occur for a particular use case. A thinkable scenario is a supermarket with a lot of customers waiting for a cashier. If more than three customers wait longer than 30 seconds in front of the cash point, a particular event (e.g., inform the cashier with a message) is triggered by the proximity-based service on the device of the cashier. The location of such users is obtained by current wireless radio frequency technologies. How such a system can be designed, as well as its feasibility is investigated in this thesis. Related context-aware systems, as well as current wireless radio frequency technologies are analyzed and evaluated. Based on the gained knowledge, several architecture models are devised, implemented and evaluated. The system was evaluated by defining real-world application scenarios testing various aspects, namely, supporting different constraints, positioning quality, as well as flexibility, scalability and reliability.


Supervisor: ,

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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