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Bachelor Thesis: Web-based semantically enriched crowd-sourced cloud computing information


Web-based semantically enriched crowd-sourced cloud computing information


This work aims to conceptualize a web-based geographic information system that enables interested parties to draw conclusions about the suitability of a cloud computing service from exposition of spatial information about the cloud service. The application, called Open Cloud Computing Map (OCCM), is designed to mash up related semantic data sets about cloud computing services from distributed sources, visualize it in a meaningful way and to make the data sets available over the Internet as Linked Data for further utilization.

The approach to the work on this bachelor thesis follows the principles of the Design Science in Information Research Framework and consists of the following parts:

First, there is an overview of the current concepts and standards in development of semantic web applications and geographic information systems, especially map mashups. Similar and existent solutions are analyzed in terms of their purposes and advantages or disadvantages compared to the OCCM.

Subsequently, the additional value of the planned software is outlined by identifying the targeted user segments with their needs and by stating the influences deriving from the geographic positions of cloud service data centers on the one hand, and of the positions of the subsidiaries of cloud service providers on the other hand.

A concept for the implementation of the application is established then, which includes components for retrieving, processing, distributing and applying the cloud locations and related data. In addition to the creation of the new application, a proposal for an extension of the existing Open Service Compendium (OSC) is prepared to enable it to be used as a data source for the OCCM.

Afterwards, the information system is successfully evaluated in terms of the ability to serve its purposes and its usefulness for potential users. In conclusion, an outlook is given regarding future work.


Supervisor: Sebastian Zickau, Mathias Slawik

Type:  Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months

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