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Service-centric NetworkingZilci, I. (2014). A Service Matchmaking Approach for Cloud Service Marketplaces. Master Thesis, Technische Univerität Berlin

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Master Thesis: A Service Matchmaking Approach for Cloud Service Marketplaces

Master Thesis: A Service Matchmaking Approach for Cloud Service Marketplaces


Service requesters with limited technical knowledge should be able to compare services based on their QoS requirements in business-oriented cloud service marketplaces. Existing service

matching approaches focus on QoS requirements as discrete numeric values and intervals, while providing the results with varying matching degrees. Comprehensive analysis of QoS properties in service descriptions shows that in related work QoS parameters as lists are not included and that the tendencies of QoS properties are not explicitly handled. This thesis develops

a concept for a service matcher which contributes to existing approaches by addressing these issues using constraint solvers. A prototype is implemented using an API at the standardisation

stage and results in reusable constraint models. The implementation process and its documentation provide the basis for the evaluation of the use of constraint solvers in this context. The evaluation analyses the implementation with respect to the requirements of the service matching problem. This thesis concludes that constraint solvers provide a valuable tool to solve the service matching problem if soft constraints are to be implemented. If only exact matching is targeted, constraint solvers add complexity to the solution. The integration of several types of constraints into one constraint solving problem has to be further investigated.


Supervisor: Mathias Slawik

Type: Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months


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