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Master Thesis: Secured Personal Data Storage Platform for Private Clouds


Secured Personal Data Storage Platform for Private Clouds


Generated data by users is increasing daily and maintaining the personal data storage hardware is costly. Cloud data storage are getting popular for their user friendly and cost effective features. On the other hand, user privacy violation is an obstacle for adoption of cloud storage. Therefore, the recent growing interest in both public cloud and private storage services, shows the demand for solutions that are focusing on privacy awareness of users. Increasing the security and privacy related issues in cloud storages indicate a demand for an action to improve the security of data storage and increase privacy awareness. In this thesis, a novel trust level based solution for cloud data storage is introduced. This solution emphasizes in utilizing hybrid cloud technologies. This solution provides a simple user interface based on colors and it gives the possibility of selecting the storing places very easily and efficiently. Furthermore, to have a detail requirements of our solution a survey study based on questionnaire is administered and a proof of concept prototype is developed.

Supervisor: Dirk Thatmann, Cökhan Coskun

Type:  Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months



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