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Service-centric NetworkingMaster Thesis: Applying linked data principles to cloud service descriptions


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Master Thesis: Applying linked data principles to cloud service descriptions

Applying linked data principles to cloud service descriptions

The main objective  of TRESOR is the development of a cloud ecosystem that consists of an open platform for cloud services and a cloud broker. The first component provides a marketplace for cloud services based on well-established standards maximizing interoperability between different cloud providers. In that way, cloud services can be easily combined and integrated into several applications leading to cost savings and decreasing dependencies, so-called lock-in effects, to certain cloud providers. The cloud broker, on the other hand, mediates, combines and allows the access to those cloud services by taking enterprise guidelines, regulations by law and security policies into consideration. Furthermore, the broker applies new concepts of location-aware service usage and data storage.

Within the TRESOR cloud eco-system the services and their properties need to be described. This includes not only the technical interface descriptions, but also the domain specific requirements regarding law and enterprise regulations, which are addressed by TRESOR. Furthermore, business information, such as price plans and payment information have to be expressed. A machine readable format would be beneficial in many ways, so all this information has to be formalized. At last, all descriptions have to be present in the respective service and profile repositories within the TRESOR eco-system.

There exists a large number of ways for formalizing information (e.g. XML/XSD, JSON, UML) but for TRESOR the application of the Linked Data principle to the TRESOR cloud service descriptions will be a main research focus, as it is obvious to use such a standard, which is based on Web technologies, to describe cloud-based web services. The Linked USDL project proposes a framework for describing services based on Linked Data principle and is therefore one candidate for adoption within TRESOR.

The main goal of this thesis is to identify and organize the TRESOR cloud service aspects, which have to be described and examine ways of formalizing, storing and retrieving this information using Linked Data principles. This examination will include existing approaches to different aspects, such as Linked USDL.


  • Identify and organize aspects of cloud service description
  • Examine ways of formalizing, storing and retrieving such descriptions and their respective implications on an implementation within TRESOR
  • Analyze existing approaches, such as Linked USDL, for their applicability onto the formaliza-tion of service descriptions


  • Interest in technical, business and legal aspects of cloud computing
  • Ability to abstract, sort and formalize complex information
  • It might be useful to have experience with modeling and formalization techniques (e.g. XML, UML, Linked Data)

Supervisor: , Mathias Slawik

Type: Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months



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