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Service-centric NetworkingMakhloufi, Y. (2013). Distributed Hosting of User Profiles in a Decentralized Online Social Network. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin


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Bachelor Thesis: Distributed Hosting of User Profiles in a Decentralized Online Social Network

Distributed Hosting of User Profiles in a Decentralized Online Social Network

Online Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ exploit their centralized structures to collect and store huge amounts of personal data. In order to provide personalized advertisements, the providers analyze and evaluate this data for commercial purposes. Current surveys show the concernment of popular social networks' users regarding privacy and data security. Since the social networks are able to profile their users completely, the user's concerns have to be played for keeps.

New concepts of decentralized social networks already show the solvability of these problems but still force the users to either confide all his data to one single provider or else to run his own content server.

Therefore, the main objective of this thesis is to design a new architecture for a decentralized online social network (DOSN), considering the distributions of all personal data in order to distribute a user's profile itself. The thesis should oppose current architectures of DOSNs and point out their problems as well as provide a solution for the distribution of all personal data onto an arbitrary number of resource providers where the authentication of a user happens on ID-providers in order to separate the identification process from the authorization process, which has to be done on the resource servers. These resource servers should each contain a part of a user's personal data. The data needs to be transmitted securely to a requester who has to be authenticated by his ID provider and authorized by the resource server itself. This concept can then be implemented as a proof of concept.


  • Research in the field of decentralized social networks and network protocols
  • Design and implementation of an own concept of decentralized social networks
  • Finding a way to transfer data securely in order to not enable any provider to collect all personal data of a user
  • Consideration of using the following technologies: SOAP, REST,  XMPP, OpenID, OAuth, Webfinger
  • Definition of communication-protocols for each of the involved parties


  • Knowledge of available decentralized social network architectures
  • Experience in object-oriented programming
  • Interest to work in the field of social network analysis and data distribution

Supervisor: , ,
Type: Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months



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