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Service-centric NetworkingRother, M. (2012). Qualitätsabschätzung von Geokodierungs-Diensten. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin

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Bachelor Thesis: Qualitätsabschätzung von Geokodierungs-Diensten

Qualitätsabschätzung von Geokodierungs-Diensten

Location-based services are gaining more and more relevance, especially with the presence of smart mobile devices. Modern location-based services refer to locations using geocoordinates – the latitude and the longitude of a position on earth. Humans and legacy systems use postal addresses that are often corrupted or incomplete. There are various services that resolve postal addresses into corresponding geocoordinates. Their quality may be measured in several ways and depends on a variety of factors: The completeness of the database used for geocoding, the ability to parse the postal address correctly, the flexibility of the system when processing stop-words and typos and the test data set that is used for measuring.

The objective of this thesis is to design and develop a system that allows assessing quality of geocoding services and is extensible in both the services that it is evaluating and the test data that it is using.


  • Implement clients for various geocoding services and a common abstraction layer
  • Determine metrics for the quality criteria these services
  • Collect a representative test data set of addresses
  • Implement a system that measures various geocoding services with the defined metrics


  • Proficiency in a programming language of choice
  • Interest in testing and reverse-engineering of web services

Supervisor: , ,

Type: Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months


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