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Master Thesis: Enabling Location-based Applications on Stationary Devices using Smartphone Capabilities

Enabling Location-based Applications on Stationary Devices using Smartphone Capabilities

The main objective of TRESOR is the development of a cloud ecosystem that consists of an open platform for cloud services and a cloud broker. The first component provides a marketplace for cloud services based on well-established standards maximizing interoperability between different cloud providers. In that way, cloud services can be easily combined and integrated into several applications leading to cost savings and decreasing dependencies, so-called lock-in effects, to certain cloud providers. The cloud broker, on the other hand, mediates, combines and allows the access to those cloud services by taking enterprise guidelines, regulations by law and security policies into consideration. Furthermore, the broker applies new concepts of location-aware service usage and data storage.

The location-based capabilities and functionalities of mobile devices have rapidly grown since the introduction of smartphones. But static computers (e.g. desktop PCs or workstations) lack these capabilities. To enable the usage of location-based application on PCs, a linking of these devices seems obvious. The master thesis deals with the specification and realization of a communication protocol, which connects these two device types, using location capabilities, such as GPS, Cell-ID and WLAN. The functionality should be capsulated into an independent component, which can be used by location- (and cloud-)based applications.

The thesis deals with the fundamental research in the mentioned areas and extends the ideas to a lightweight communication system in which positions of PC users are identified by mobile devices and used in the context of location-based applications. To show the practical usage of such protocol a prototype application needs to be integrated. The proposed solution should also be integrated into the TRESOR-Broker/Proxy environment.


  • Literature review and State of the Art analyses
  • Creative evaluation of possible solutions
  • Modeling and justifying a solution and proposing an architecture
  • Development of a prototype + testing under different constraints
  • Consider boundary conditions of data protection sensitive sectors like health care


  • Interest in developing cloud computing solutions
  • Interest in location based services and role based topics
  • Proficiency in object-orientated programming
  • High level of spoken and written English

Supervisor: ,

Type: Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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