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Bachelor Thesis: Realizing a Semantic NetworkLocationProvider by utilizing the OpenMobileNetwork and the Linking Open Data Cloud

Realizing a Semantic NetworkLocationProvider by utilizing the OpenMobileNetwork and the Linking Open Data Cloud

Companies like Google and Apple provide Location APIs, which enable the user to determine his location via Cell ID, WiFi or GPS. However, the cell and WiFi databases maintained by those companies are closed and not all of its data can be freely accessed. Furthermore, the location information doesn't allow to derive any further data from the semantics of the location like POIs in the vicinity or more detailed information about the district based on a street, for example.

The OpenMobileNetwork is a dataset for mobile networks and devices, which is semantically modeled using the principles of Linked Data. It provides structured RDF data describing mobile networks, their topology and components (e.g., base stations, mobile devices or WiFi access points). This dataset can be utilized to realize a Semantic NetworkLocationProvider with structured and open data. Knowing the cell ID of a mobile user, the OpenMobileNetwork can return the approximate geo position. Interlinking the OpenMobileNetwork to DBpedia or LinkedGeoData can deliver further information to the geo position, such as the mobile user being in Berlin, in a certain area, district or street.

The objective of this thesis is to utilize the OpenMobileNetwork and the Linking Open Data Cloud in order to design and implement a Semantic NetworkLocationProvider that can be accessed with SPARQL queries to derive more detailed information through the semantic relationships of a user's location. One scenario could be that a user gets informed as soon as a friend of his enters a certain district in Berlin, Germany. Another example can be a coupon that is pushed as soon as a user is in the vicinity of McDonalds.


  • Research on Linked Data and Geofencing Mechanisms
  • Extend the OpenMobileNetwork with links to other datasets in the LOD Cloud (e.g., POIs or areas, such as country, city, district or street)
  • Design and implement a Semantic NetworkLocationProvider Service
  • Demonstration of concept and evaluation against other approaches


  • Interest to work in the field of Mobile Networks, Positioning Methods and Linked Data
  • Proficiency in software development (concept and implementation)

Supervisor: , ,

Type: Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months

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