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Service-centric NetworkingPeschel, J. O. (2011). Assessment of HTML 5 APIs for browser-based IPTV Environments. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin

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Bachelor Thesis: Assessment of HTML 5 APIs for browser-based IPTV Environments

Assessment of HTML 5 APIs for browser-based IPTV Environments

In recent years the evolution of digital video broadcasting (DVB) together with initiatives such as the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) or Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) have led to new approaches for digital video delivery and consumption. These approaches are based on the combination of video-broadcasting and IP-based content, e.g. HbbTV rests upon CE-HTML, which aims at the presentation of HTML content on consumer electronics devices.

However, a new set of standards that has been approved by W3C - and which is commonly referred to as HTML5 - is being adopted by more and more browsers. Compared to existing HTML approaches they offer new functions such as the direct embedding of videos or extended style sheets, something future TV approaches can also benefit from.

The objective of this thesis is to assess the newly introduced HTML5 APIs with regard to the application in browser-based IPTV environments, and to implement a prototype that runs on an existing TV top box. After collecting and summarizing the relevant state of the art in the field of HbbTV, OIPF, DVB & Co, the candidate is expected to analyze and compare the existing approaches particularly with regard to utilizing them within HTML5. Following the assessment a representative subset of the APIs will then be implemented on an existing TV top box (e.g. for "Opera Devices").

Supervisor: , ,

Type: Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months


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