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Bachelor Thesis: Context-aware Power Management in Mobile Networks using Context Information from Mobile Devices

Context-aware Power Management in Mobile Networks using Context Information from Mobile Devices

Modern radio networks, such as WiFi, UMTS or LTE, provide good connectivity and high data transfer rates to the mobile user 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to fulfill these requirements, mobile network providers in Germany have around 123.000 base stations working 24/7 with a total power consumption of approx. 1455 GWh per year. However, these capacities are not always fully utilized, e.g. in rural areas or at night. Energy can be saved in radio access and core networks by dynamically de- and reactivating network components, such as base stations, based on a certain information basis gained from the network and end devices, or by adaptively reconfiguring the network to the user’s needs.

There is a lot of contextual information present in today’s smartphones, which can be exploited for an adaptive power management, such as the Cell ID of base stations, the received signal strength or information about neighboring cells.

The main objective of this thesis is the evaluation and exploitation of relevant context data originating from mobile devices in order to realize an adaptive and context-aware power management. For this purpose, a dedicated client application shall be implemented on a smartphone (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) that collects relevant context information available in those phones, preprocesses them and sends them to a central context management entity, which applies reasoning techniques in order to generate higher-level context for network optimization decisions. Possible network optimization solutions shall be demonstrated in a graphical showcase.


  • Strong practical relevance (implementation on a smartphone)
  • Optimization of the mobile network based on contextual information from smartphones


  • Proficiency in software development
  • Ideally first experience with mobile platforms
  • Interest to work in the field of Green ICT and Context-aware Computing

Supervisor: , ,

Type: Bachelor Thesis

Duration: 4 months

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