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Master Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Simulation Framework to Evaluate Smartphone Position Tracking Algorithms

Design and Implementation of a Simulation Framework to Evaluate Smartphone Position Tracking Algorithms

Nowadays, smartphones are equipped with several mechanisms to determine their geographical location. Since location determination consumes a lot of energy, which is a scarce resource on mobile devices, and those positioning algorithms have different characteristics in terms of energy-efficiency, accuracy and reliability there is huge potential to decrease the amount of energy used for positioning. Especially in the scenario of tracking a mobile device to detect if it enters or leaves certain predefined geographical areas.
This thesis will provide mechanisms to gather sensor data for positioning mechanisms like MAC-addresses of WiFi access points, cell-id signals from cellular networks and GPS data, and relate them to coordinates obtained by a reference positioning system. This data can later be used to apply different positioning strategies in the simulation framework to evaluate the accuracy, reliability and performance of those strategies to evaluate and compare them to each other.
The simulation framework and the gathering of sensor data should be flexible in a way that new positioning methods that rely on other sensor information (e.g., LTE) can be easily integrated. Also the evaluation and comparison of positioning algorithms should provide data for visualization and quantitative analysis.


  • Strong practical relevance (Implementation on Android devices)
  • Gather reference position information


  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming
  • Ideally first experience with Android or other mobile platforms

Supervisor: ,

Type: Master Thesis

Duration: 6 months

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