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Dr.-Ing. Sandro Rodriguez Garzon


Sandro Rodriguez Garzon received his diploma in Computer Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin in 2005. From 2006 to 2007, he worked as a software engineer for the sd&m AG (Capgemini S.A.) and participated in several software projects for vehicle manufactures like Volkswagen and Audi. In 2007, he started his doctoral research on the context-aware personalization of automotive user interfaces at the Daimler Center for Automotive IT Innovations within the group of Compiler Construction and Programming Languages of Prof. Peter Pepper. Thereby, he worked on the formal specification of automotive user interfaces and their adaptation capabilities as well as on multiple prototypes for mobile platforms e.g. Android and iOS.

In October 2013, he joined the Telekom Innovation Laboratories as a research associate within the group of Service-centric Networking led by Prof. Axel Küpper.

Sandro's research is focused in the fields of Ubiquitous Computing, Distributed Computing and Data Science.

Research Interests

  • Mobile and Context-Aware Computing
  • Adaptation and Personalization of User Interfaces
  • User, Context and Situation Modeling
  • Data Mining, Spatio-Temporal Reasoning, Pattern Matching
  • Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Smart Factories
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies, Blockchain


Müller, M. and S. Rodriguez Garzon. S. and M. Rosemann, M. and Küpper, A. (2020). Towards Trust-aware Collaborative Business Processes: An Approach to Identify Uncertainty. IEEE Internet Computing, 1-1.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Louis, B. (2020). Context Flow Graphs: Situation Modeling for Rule-based Proactive Context-aware Systems. IEEE Access, 1-22.

Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Deva, B. (2019). Sensafety: Crowdsourcing the Urban Sense of Safety. Advances in Cartography and GIScience of the ICA. Copernicus Publications, 12.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Deva, B. (2014). Geofencing 2.0: Taking Location-based Notifications to the Next Level. Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing. ACM, 919–930.

Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Elbehery, M. and Deva, B. and Küpper, A. (2016). Reliable Geofencing: Assisted Configuration of Proactive Location-based Services. Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Mobile Services. IEEE, 204–207.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Deva, B. (2015). On the Evaluation of Proactive Location-based Services. Proceedings of the 39th Annual International Computers, Software & Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2015). IEEE Computer Society.

Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Deva, B. and Hanotte, B. and Küpper, A. (2016). CATLES: A Crowdsensing-Supported Interactive World-Scale Environment Simulator for Context-Aware Systems. Proceedings of the International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems. Association for Computing Machinery, 77–87.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Poguntke, M. (2012). The Personal Adaptive In-Car HMI: Integration of External Applications for Personalized Use. Advances in User Modeling. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 35-46.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Schütt, K. (2011). Discover Significant Situations for User Interface Adaptations. Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces for Automotive Applications, 29-32.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Cebulla, M. (2010). Model-based Personalization within an Adaptable Human-Machine Interface Environment that is Capable of Learning from User Interactions. Proceedings of 3rd Intl. Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions. IEEE, 191-198.

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Görg, M. and Cebulla, M. and Rodriguez Garzon, S. (2010). A Framework for Abstract Representation and Recognition of Gestures in Multi-Touch Applications. Proceedings of 3rd Int. Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions. IEEE, 143-147.

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Fischer, P. and Cebulla, M. and Berton, A. and Nurnberger, A. and Rodriguez Garzon, S. (2008). Adaptive Personalization of Multimodal Vehicular Interfaces using a Hybrid Recommendation Approach with Fuzzy Preferences. IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium. IEEE, 209-213.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. (2009). Torwards Model-based Personalization. Doctoral Consortium at 17th Intl. Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP 2009)

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Hess, A. and Gingold, T. and Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Schäfer, G. (2004). Intrusion Prevention with Active Networks: A Performance Comparison between User and Kernel-Space Implementation. DFN-Arbeitstagung über Kommunikationsnetze. GI, 349-360.

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Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Hritsevskyy, D. (2012). Model-based Generation of Scenario-specific Event Sequences for the Simulation of Recurrent User Behavior within Context-Aware Applications. Proceedings of 2012 Symposium on Theory of Modelling and Simulation. Society for Computer Simulation International, 176-181.

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Dr.-Ing. Sandro Rodriguez Garzon
Service-centric Networking
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