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Philip Raschke, M.Sc.

Lupe [1]

Philip received his Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin in 2016. He worked as a student research assistant for the chair Service-centric Networking since June 2013 where he was involved in the BMWi-funded project TRESOR [2] and the Software Campus project ENtRANCe [3]. In his master thesis he designed and developed a usable interface for encryption.

In May 2016 he joined the Telekom Innovation Laboratories and the chair as a research scientist. He currently works on the Software Campus project STEAM [4].


Fortgeschrittene Programmierung mit Java

Summer term 2021 [5]
Summer term 2021 [6]
Winter term 2021/ 2022
Summer term 2020 [7]
Summer term 2020 [8]
Winter term 2020/ 2021 [9]
Winter term 2019/ 2020 [10]

Research Interests

  • Data privacy
  • Usability and security
  • Location-based services
  • Data analytics


Towards Real-Time Web Tracking Detection with T.EX - The Transparency EXtension
Zitatschlüssel 10.1007/978-3-030-21752-5_1
Autor Raschke, P. and Zickau, S. and Kröger, J. L. and Küpper, A.
Buchtitel Privacy Technologies and Policy
Seiten 3–17
Jahr 2019
ISBN 978-3-030-21752-5
Adresse Cham
Herausgeber Naldi, Maurizio and Italiano, Giuseppe F. and Rannenberg, Kai and Medina, Manel and Bourka, Athena
Verlag Springer International Publishing
Zusammenfassung Targeted advertising is an inherent part of the modern Web as we know it. For this purpose, personal data is collected at large scale to optimize and personalize displayed advertisements to increase the probability that we click them. Anonymity and privacy are also important aspects of the World Wide Web since its beginning. Activists and developers relentlessly release tools that promise to protect us from Web tracking. Besides extensive blacklists to block Web trackers, researchers used machine learning techniques in the past years to automatically detect Web trackers. However, for this purpose often artificial data is used, which lacks in quality.
Typ der Publikation SNET Social
Download Bibtex Eintrag [11]


  • Raschke, P. (2016). Policy Authoring in Attribute-based Encryption: Designing a Usable and User-centric Interface. Master Thesis. Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Raschke, P. (2014) A Template-based Policy Generation Interface for RESTful Web Services. Bachelor Thesis. Technische Universität Berlin.

Supervised Theses

  • Rieder, W. (2020). On The Usefulness of HTTP Responses to Identify Differences Between Non- And Web Trackers. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin [13]
  • Yang, H. (2020). How Representative Is Measured Network Traffic: Individual Browsing Behavior And Its Technical Manifestation. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin [14]
  • Middendorp, D. (2020). Automatic Universal In-Browser Payments: An alternative model to Web Advertising. Master Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin [15]
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  • Ngo, P. (2018). Design and Implementation of a Usable Transparency - enhancing Application in a sandboxed Environment. Master Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin [21]
  • Hilbig, J. (2017). Building Adaptive Location-based Seervices using the NYC TLC Dataset. Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin [22]


Philip Raschke
Service-centric Networking
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
10587 Berlin
+49 30 8353 58353
+49 30 8353 58409
E-Mail-Anfrage [24]

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