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Project Description

While traveling in foreign countries you encounter a lot of stories to tell and a whole bunch of breathtaking pictures to show. But travel diaries or travel blogs are cumbersome to create and need you to have Internet access and a lot of time.

TrackMyTrip is an application for your smartphone that helps you collecting and organizing your experiences while you are traveling in exotic countries all over the world. You can synchronize your trips with the webserver and share them with your friends.

Project Participants


Jonas Geistert
Stefan Piotrowski
Jose Luis Medina Burgos
Niklas Schmücker
Jose Antonio Escobar Garcia
Bersant Deva
Ferit Topcu
Jinjin Li
Thomas Renner
Boxuan Li
Daniar Asanov


Ulrich Bareth
Sebastian Göndör
Peter Ruppel
Andrew Karpow


Lupe [1]
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Lupe [4]


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