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Project Description

MuseMe (working title) is a cloud service, which suggests the best music to be played at a party by collecting and matching the musical taste of the parties' participants.

A web interface allows a host to describe parties and send out invitations to his friends, who may specify their musical taste, e.g., by importing their musical preferences from their Facebook profile. The collection of tastes is fed to the echonest cloud service for matching. Based on the matching results, the party host gets a list of recommended songs, which is used to assemble a playlist. This playlist can be played directly through the open source Tomahawk player, which decouples the name of the song from the source it was shared from and can therefore use all your music sources, e.g. subscription services, networked libraries, online data lockers, and more.

A preliminary, functional version of the software was made using the play! framework. The experiences with the framework left the group disappointed, so for a preliminary beta version, the software is currently being rewritten using Ruby on Rails.

Project Participants


Gustavo Garcia Valdez
José María Márquez Toro
Philipp Herman
Peter Kolbe
Michael Geiss
Georgi Kikilingovski


Sebastian Göndör
Mathias Slawik
Ulrich Bareth



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