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Semantic Polling - Context-aware Messaging based on Linked Data


Within the scope of Digital Cities of the Future, the research project FlashPoll deals with the development of a location-based and context-aware polling app that provides a direct communication channel between citizens and administrators in order to enable citizen participation in urban planning decisions.

In the context of FlashPoll, the objective of this project is to develop a context-aware messaging platform based on the principles of Linked Data that delivers push content (e.g., polls) to users based on their contextual situation and profile. One application scenario could be to send a poll to users asking them about urban planning options for the Tempelhofer Feld based on the analysis that "500 users living in Tempelhof tend to visit the Tempelhofer Feld on weekends frequently when the weather is sunny and the temperature is higher than 17° C".

The platform should be capable of tagging polls with meta information and mapping these polls to geographic regions by utilizing the OpenMobileNetwork. Other interconnections to open datasets, such as Berlin Open Data, GeoNames or weather information will provide additional information to improve the contextual analysis. The platform should further collect and analyze the context and profiles of the FlashPoll users and match this information with the available polls.

A proof of concept should be provided that shows the applicability of the platform. This includes the gathering of user and service context information as well as its matching and reasoning functionality for message delivery.


  • Get familiar with Event-based Messaging, Context-aware Service, Linked Data
  • Implement a context-aware messaging platform
  • Implement a mobile client application on Android


  • Interest in Context-aware services, Messaging, Linked Data
  • Good experience in programming (Java)
  • Experience with HTTP, REST, JSON



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