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Service-centric NetworkingP2P-based Social DNS

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P2P-based Social DNS


Users of Online Social Networks usually have multiple profiles hosted by different social platforms. To locate the position of content related to a certain user, one needs to provide a directory service such as the DNS to allow users to be directed to the requested content by using a well-known identifier. WebID, for example, utilizes the DNS to publish information related to an individual in a document identified using a domain name. An alternative approach should be developed in this project: a P2P-based name system, which allows for dynamic changes of the location of information such as social profiles while being secured by strong cryptography.


  • Develop concept and design for a P2P-based Social DNS
  • Implement a server daemon that demonstrates the functionality of the system
  • Set up a prototype for demonstration and evaluation of the system
  • Evaluate the system


  • Programming and Database skills
  • Knowledge about P2P, DHT, computer networks are mandatory
  • Knowlegde of public key cryptography and certificates will come in handy



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