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OpenMobileNetwork Location Provider


In the context of the OpenMobileNetwork platform, thousands of measurements have been conducted by smartphone users using the OpenMobileNetwork for Android app. Each measurement comprises an exact GPS location, a list of received WiFi access points as well as the respective signal strength and the current Cell-ID of the mobile network the smartphone is connected to.

To further utilize this measurement data and to create additional value from it, a OpenMobileNetwork Location Provider is to be designed, implemented and evaluated. This location provider is expected to approximate the current location of a user solely based on Cell-ID and visible WiFi access points. The functionality of the created service is to be showcased by an Android app visualizing the results on maps provided by the OpenStreetMap.


  • Literature study of existing approaches and alogrithms used for positioning of users via the mobile network
  • Implementation of a RESTful web service
  • Evaluation of solution(s) and comparison against Google API performance
  • Implementation of an Android app visualizing the results as proof of concept


  • Programming and Database skills
  • Know-how about RESTful web services
  • Experience with Android development would be beneficial



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