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Linked Crowdsourced Data and Location Analytics in the OpenMobileNetwork


In the context of the OpenMobileNetwork platform, thousands of measurements have been conducted by smartphone users using the OpenMobileNetwork for Android app. Each measurement comprises an exact GPS location, a list of received WiFi access points as well as the respective signal strength, the current Cell-ID of the mobile network the smartphone is connected to and information about running services and the traffic generated by those services.

This data yields much potential for employing location analytics methods and can provide insight on "hot" areas by counting the daily visitors for a specific location with regard to the given weather situation or identifying places where people tend to reside for a longer duration in the evenings, for instance. A perceivable approach is to augment each measurement with meta information about the weather or location entities (e.g., scheduled events or POIs) in the proximity for the given timestamp as well as with user profile information. Crowdsourced data about nearby location entities rated, tagged and commented by users will further deliver additional data relevant for location analytics. The combination of these different external data sources with the OpenMobileNetwork is crucial to better understand vicinities and its internal processes.

Therefore, different metrics and methodologies are required which allow for specific location-based questions to be answered on different levels of granularity and customizable constraints. Furthermore, a platform needs to be implemented that allows the collection of crowdsourced location entity information in the form of Linked Data. The visualization is handled by a dashboard application that is capable of showing heatmaps, most frequent trajectories and areas with increased number of stationary people etc. on a map available from OpenStreetMap.


  • Literature study of existing approaches, metrics and alogrithms used for location analytics
  • Literature study on Linked Data
  • Implementation of a RESTful web service for location analytics within the OpenMobileNetwork
  • Implementation of a platform for collecting crowdsourced location entity data by following the principles of Linked Data
  • Implementation of a dashboard visualization tool


  • Programming and Database skills
  • Data mining and analytics are a plus
  • Know-how about RESTful web services



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