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Intelligent Location-based Services based on a Semantic Positioning System


Existing approaches for Location-based Services, such as those provided by Google and Apple, are driven solely by geometric spatial data and do not include any further information from the semantics of the location.
The OpenMobileNetwork provides structured data describing mobile networks, their topology and components based on the principles of Linked Data. Utilizing this semantic dataset in combination with a Positioning Enabler Platform that enables users to subscribe for semantic location events, a Semantic Positioning System can be realized that enhances classic device-centric and network-assisted positioning methods by semantic features.
The main objective of this project is to develop the Semantic Positioning System incorporating the OpenMobileNetwork and the Positioning Enabler Platform. Within this project, various semantic LBS scenarios should be analyzed and implemented, e.g., "tell the user whenever his daughter leaves school/arrives at home" or "tell the user whenever he reaches the most famous stadium of the city".


  • Develop a client application on Android for background tracking and measurements for the OpenMobileNetwork
  • Enrich the OpenMobileNetwork with WiFi hotspot data
  • Provide a Positioning Enabler Platform in which users can subscribe to semantic location events as given by the examples above and in which the OpenMobileNetwork is used as a data source


  • Interest in the field of Linked Data (RDF, Ontologies, SPARQL)
  • Interest in the field of Location-based Services
  • Java and/or Android Development
  • Java Application Server




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