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User Movement Predictions in Mobile Networks


In the context of the research project Communicate Green, the movement of smartphone users should be anticipated in order to be able to forecast areas with high traffic in mobile networks. In this task, a prediction algorithm should be implemented that is able to calculate the most likely path for an individual (on a mobile network cell level) based on contextual information.


  • Develop a smartphone app or extend the OpenMobileNetwork for Android app by contextual information that is relevant for predictions
  • Implement a server application or extend the OpenMobileNetwork Server for processing the collected data
  • Design and implement a movement forecast algorithm, which is able to determine the location of a user (on a mobile network cell level) at a given time in the future
  • Build a visualization that shows the predicted path on a map (e.g., Google Maps or the OpenMobileNetwork Map)


  • Programming and Database skills
  • Experience with data analytics (Data Mining / Big Data) and complex algorithms would be beneficial
  • Experience with mobile programming in Android would be beneficial




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