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Location-based Outdoor Marketing - Geofencing lets you determine the exact locations and context parameters for your mobile campaigns. You can design the format of your messages flexibly and send text- and picture notifications, as well as QR-codes, coupons, or app views. More...

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The founders develop a regional rental infrastructure for items of private use (e.g. machine tools or media technology). Therefore so-called Sharing-boxes and an online platform will be developed. Revenues will be generated through the rental fees. More...



Robin helps you find your soulmate by playing the "Would you Rather" game.

150 is the number of relationships in our lives we are able to maintain at a time. Today’s Social Media, however, encourages us to be “friends” with thousands of people and share our feelings and photos with them. As a result, 60% of us feel that the people around us don’t share our interests and values.

This is where Robin comes in place:

Robin can identify your soulmate by applying a Nobel-Prize-Winning matching algorithm that analyses your compatibility with each and connects you only with your most-compatible match. Once a day.




Personalized Recommendation Engines Shopboostr provides you the right personalization tools to increase your Webshop´s conversion rates, average order value and helps you to generate more sales. More...


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