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Online Social Networks (OSNs) have become an important part of our everyday online lives. We communicate, share content, and organize meetings and events using OSN platforms. However, even though there is a strong trend towards OSN services to become the main communication medium, most OSN platforms are still proprietary, closed services that keep users from connecting directly and seamlessly to the services of other OSN platforms. SNET is working on novel architectures and mechanisms to
mitigate the lock-in effects of today’s OSN platforms and build new and innovative services. Research in this area addresses topics such as privacy and security, protocol design, distributed system architectures, and mobile services.


Sensafety: Crowdsourcing the Urban Sense of Safety
Citation key ica-adv-2-12-2019
Author Rodriguez Garzon, S. and Deva, B.
Pages 12
Year 2019
DOI 10.5194/ica-adv-2-12-2019
Journal Advances in Cartography and GIScience of the ICA
Volume 2
Publisher Copernicus Publications
Bibtex Type of Publication SNET Social Ubiquitous
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