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DeCoCo: Blockchain-based Decentralized Compensation of Digital Content Purchases
Zitatschlüssel Mull2009:DeCoCo
Autor Müller, M. and Janczura, J.A. and Ruppel, P.
Buchtitel 2nd conference on Blockchain Research and Applications for Innovative Networks and Services (BRAINS'20)
Jahr 2020
Adresse Paris, France
Zusammenfassung Current centralized e-commerce platforms have lock-in effects. In the process of purchasing digital content, these platform-binding effects are constructed towards the content creator and the consumer. The lock-in effects originate from the situation that a centralized platform offers a variety of different value propositions towards content creators and consumers. In this article, we propose an approach to decentralize the value propositions and distribute them among different actors. Therefore, we propose a decentralized application based on smart contracts and blockchain technology. With that application as a base, we offer an alternative to the current centralized marketplaces without lock-in effects.
Typ der Publikation SNET Blockchain
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