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The WALDO project is about finding the needle in the haystack. The “Widely Applicable Library for Detection of Outliers” is an EIT funded project, in which TU Berlin works in conjunction with industry leading project partners.

The key output of the project is an open-source framework to detect outliers in large datasets. The focus lies on state of the art machine learning techniques for anomaly detection, as well as custom tailored data visualisation. With modularity at it’s core, the projects architecture was developed with flexibility in mind. WALDO can be easily set-up and customised to cater to a wide variety of use-cases and industries.

Time Frame:
01/2021 – 12/2021
SNET Team Members:
Aljoscha Schulte, Christoph Schulthess

Uttam Dhakal, Zohaib Khan
Bright Cape, NokiaTU Berlin

Funding by:
EIT Digital


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