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TYDR - Track Your Daily Routine is a an international inter-disciplinary project researching the relationship between smartphone usage and personality. Within the DYNAMIC project, we developed the Android app TYDR to collect smartphone usage statistics and personality trait scores from users. The research focuses on privacy aspects, context-aware computing, and data analysis.

Time Frame:
01/2017 - present
SNET Team Members:
Felix Beierle
University of Zurich, University of Regensburg, Danube University Krems, Ulm University, University of Kassel
Funding by:
Software Campus, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF); University of Zurich - Digital Society Initiative


Context-aware computing considers information about the user when providing services. Typically, this is information like the location or the weather. Several domains of applications like mobile health or recommender systems could benefit from information about the personality of the user in order to provide more individually tailored services. Filling out personality questionnaires can be tedious though.

As an international inter-disciplinary group of computer science and psychology researchers, we want to research to what extend the personality of the user can be predicted by smartphone usage statistics. To collect data to further analyze this, we developed an Android app called TYDR - Track Your Daily Routine. With this app, we collect smartphone usage statistics labeled with personality trait scores.



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