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Lupe [1]

The PROCEED project has been chosen as one of the most innovative IT projects in 2017 to be funded within the Software Campus [2] initiative.

Software Campus [3] integrates leading research and practical experience in a new type of concept in order to create a new generation of top managers and entrepreneurs with an excellent IT background. (© Software Campus)

Time Frame:
03/2018 - 12/2020
SNET Team Members:
Kai Grunert
Kai Rohwer, Elitsa Pankovska, Janis Joderishoferi, Lucas Gold
Scheer GmbH
Funding by:
Software Campus [5], Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
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$this->_build_link_list($this->linkCount++, "https://dbpms-proceed.gitlab.io/proceed-documentation-website/", "dbpms-proceed.gitlab.io/proceed-documentation-website/ [7]")


The PROCEED project intends to develop a distributed business process execution environment, without a central coordinator. The business process management system replaces the central one with a distributed execution unit with several, dynamically integrated devices. A process is then not executed in a centralized architecture, but separated on multiple systems. Such an approach can provide promising benefits, such as increasing reliability, integrating IoT devices, and improving privacy.


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10587 Berlin, Germany
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