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GRAVITY is an innovation action in the focus area of „Digital Industry“, funded by and in cooperation with partners of the European Institute of Technology (EIT Digital). The project aims to ease and simplify the development of IoT applications using the GRAVITY IoT middleware and to provide a distributed ledger for logistics and supply chain management (DiLLaS) as a first domain-specific application on top of GRAVITY.

Time Frame:
01/2019 – 12/2019
SNET Team Members:
Sandro Rodriguez Garzon,
Marcel Müller
InnoTractor, Datacon, Ericsson, PosteItaliane, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, TU Berlin

Funding by:
EIT Digital

DiLLaS Service


The goal of DiLLaS is to provide a distributed ledger for the secure and trustworthy storage of events that occur during the transport of goods. A DiLLaS Mobile App will act as client for the ledger and is intended as a means for all participants of a logistic chain to securely log a registration, deregistration and handover of a parcel within the distributed ledger. In combination with GRAVITY, the DiLLaS Mobile App will in addition be able to check the status of sensors that are attached to the parcels such temperature or humidity sensors and to log violations of predefined delivery conditions within the distributed ledger. Since DiLLaS makes use of Blockchain technology to persist the events and their related data in an immutable, transparent and distributed manner, common incidents such as lost or delayed parcels can be securely traced back to its originators. With the commonly approved log of logistic events in DiLLaS, logistic operators will be able to improve their efficiency in terms of parcel delivery time by identifying bottle necks, costs per parcel by identifying unreliable partners and the quality of service by evaluating if parcels are delivered according to the predefined delivery conditions such as a constant temperature or an acceptable intensity of shocks for goods of high value. 

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