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The project Entrance has been chosen as one of the most innovative IT projects in 2014 to be funded within the Software Campus initiative.

Software Campus integrates leading research and practical experience in a new type of concept in order to create a new generation of top managers and entrepreneurs with an excellent IT background. (© Software Campus)

Time Frame:
03/2014 - 07/2016
SNET Team Members:
Dirk Thatmann
Artjom Butyrtschik, Philip Raschke
Telekom Innovation Laboratories
Software Campus, Federal Ministry of Education practical and Research (BMBF)



To the extent possible, the Entrance project will define and deliver an Open Source Platform for a secure and privacy aware exchange of data. Today, especially common Internet users use several services (eMail, Facebook, Flickr…) in order to share whatever data or information with friends, colleagues or family members. Normally, this is accompanied by a loss of control over this data. Entrance focuses on this disadvantage by using efficient and state of the art technologies and standards in order to give control and management capabilities back into the hands of the data owner.  

Entrance is funded by the German ministry of education and research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF) as part of the SoftwareCampus initiative.


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