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eBiz (Business Information Zone) is an innovation action in the Exploration Area „Digital Finance“ funded by and in cooperation with partners of EIT Digital. The project aims at introducing an innovative financial product, allowing small and medium enterprises to safely, transparently, immediately and cost-efficiently perform financial and administrative tasks, first limited to Hungary, and to be released later in the CEE region. In this context, the project allows to develop and validate both state of the art and novel methods in the area of financial machine learning and graph theory to generate valuable new insights and to classify and predict financial transactions.

Time Frame:
01/2019 – 12/2019
SNET Team Members:
Friedhelm Victor, Hai Dinh Tuan
Ksenia Legostay, Pervaiz Khan
OTP BankELTE University,
Deutsche Telekom, TU Berlin
Funding by:
EIT Digital


EIT Digital, the leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization, has recently opened an „Exploration Area“ to explore Digital Finance, focusing on the delivery of innovative financial products and services through digital technologies, making financial systems more reliable and transparent.

In this context, based on the idea that small and medium enterprises, coming from many different areas such as marketing, tech and industry, do not have the time to focus on their financials, eBiz (Business Information Zone) introduces a novel, disruptive and non-traditional kind of fintec approach, allowing its business customers to have all their financials in one place.

Captured in a novel mobile financial transaction and business administration solution, the resulting product allows SMEs and startups to safely and efficiently perform financial and administrative tasks, including reviewing, generating and transmitting invoices, initiating transactions and being provided with valuable information about its business partners anywhere and anytime to focus on their core business and new opportunities.

Building on graph theory, the network arising from the financial transactions does not only allow business partners to locate themselves within the network, but also can its structure be utilized to integrate features of a recommender system. This can be employed both for recommending new products of the bank to the customer companies and and to identify potential business partners - suggesting new business relationships among participating SMEs decreases the mutual uncertainty and allows for a more efficient risk management.

eBiz will be launched first in Hungary with OTP Bank as the initial banking partner, providing a basis for the initiation of channels to other banks, the addition of more services and features and releases in the CEE region, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia.

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